July 17-19 | Tokyo, Japan
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Wednesday, July 17


Workload Consolidation with ACRN Hypervisor - James Y Wu, Intel
ACRN is an open source hypervisor, targeted at Edge and IoT devices, which allows multiple heterogeneous OSs to run at the same time. Based on ACRN, Intel is offering a full open source stack with multiple supported guest OSs. We will present an overview of this stack, specifically a FuSA capable open source fusion edge stack with Clear Linux, Zephyr and Celadon (Celadon is an Android* open source platform for Intel® architecture). We will also discuss use case examples such as functional safety, IVI, and automotive design wins examples. Finally, there will be an introduction of Project Celadon and recent Project ACRN updates, as both contribute to IVI workload consolidation.

avatar for James Y Wu

James Y Wu

Director of Intel Open Source IOT Hypervisor, Intel
James Wu is Engineering Director in Intel System Software Group, responsible for ACRN IOT hypervisor development and strategy. James has 20 years’ experience in system software, embedded and mobile device development including Android OS, Linux device drivers, emulator, multi-core... Read More →

Wednesday July 17, 2019 14:20 - 15:00
Hall A (3) (Floor 5F)
Friday, July 19


Open Source Quantum Computing - Matthew Treinish, IBM Research
Quantum computers are not just science fiction anymore, as companies are building more powerful quantum computers. While the concepts of quantum computing have been around for over 30 years, it hasn’t been generally accessible until recently. Open source software for quantum computing has started being developed as these new machines are being built. Learning the lessons from the history of developing classical computers, there are already several open source projects available for quantum computers. So as the technology matures there will be an open source ecosystem already for quantum computing.

This talk will provide an introduction to the basics of quantum information theory, show some current quantum computers, explore the open source tooling available for quantum computing, and show how you can use that to write your own quantum programs and run them on actual quantum devices.

avatar for Matthew Treinish

Matthew Treinish

Software Engineer, IBM Research
Matthew Treinish has been working on and contributing to Open Source software for most of his career. Matthew currently works for IBM Research developing open source software for quantum computing. He is also a long time OpenStack contributor and a former member of the OpenStack TC... Read More →

Friday July 19, 2019 16:00 - 16:40
Hall B (4) (Floor 4F)


Raspberry Pi 4 Latest, Newbie, Evolution - Masafumi Ohta, Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group
avatar for Masafumi Ohta

Masafumi Ohta

Core Contributor, OpenSolaris
Masafumi is leading Raspberry Pi community in Japan and volunteering Raspberry Pi Foundation from farthest east country, Japan,.He has helping their business and encourage Raspberry Pi related projects with Raspberry Pi Foundation. Masafumi has elected ARM INNOVATOR by ARM+Hackster.io... Read More →

Friday July 19, 2019 16:50 - 17:30
Main Hall (Floor 5F)
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