July 17-19 | Tokyo, Japan
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Wednesday, July 17


Cyclic Tests Unleashed: Large-Scale RT Analysis with Jitterdebugger - Wolfgang Mauerer, OTH Regensburg / SiemensAG & Daniel Wagner, SiemensAG
Jitterdebugger is a new tool for testing the preempt_rt real time extensions for the Linux kernel. While the basic principles for this endeavour (run a cyclic task on one or more CPUs, and store the measured latencies) seem very straightforward at a first glance, the devil is in the details -- in particular, if evaluations beyond computing simple descriptive results should take place, and if machines and systems are subjected to systematic testing over long periods of time.
The talk starts with an introduction to architecture and usage of the jitterdebugger tool, and will (of course) also address the question how it differs from the cyclictest tool suite. We will then discuss archival strategies for keeping recorded data reproducible in the long run (a non-trivial problem!), and discuss several types of statistical evaluation that are made possible by jitterdebugger's new capabilities.


Daniel Wagner

Senior Engineer, Siemens AG
Daniel Wagner is one of the stable-rt maintainers, maintainer of the preempt_rt real-time extensions of the CIP kernel, and primary author of jitterdebugger.
avatar for Wolfgang Mauerer

Wolfgang Mauerer

Senior Key Expert/Professor, OTH Regensburg / Siemens AG
Wolfgang Mauerer is a professor of theoretical computer science at the Technical University Regensburg, and a senior key expert at Siemens Corporate Research, Competence Centre Embedded Linux. He serves on the technical steering committee of the Linux Foundation's Civil Infrastructure... Read More →

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Wednesday July 17, 2019 17:10 - 17:50
Meeting Room 1 (Floor 5F)
Thursday, July 18


OSS Collaborative Leadership and the Software Supply Chain Problem - Satoru Ueda, Sony Corporation
Contemporary software is, in many cases, developed by the collaborative work of many developers in a large and complex supply chain network. Some of developers in the supply chain are well-acquainted with using Open Source Software, and handle it appropriately. However we must be reminded that there are still many parties in the product ecosystem that lack familiarity or experience with OSS. Product vendors cannot wait for all members to become mature in their OSS usage. Sometimes, even the OSS leaderships in different companies are required to help each other, to achieve satisfactory results.

In the OpenChain Project Japan Work Group, OSS leaders from different companies are working together to help each other resolve supply-chain issues. In this session we would like to discuss the way to help those early stage level companies. Some actual efforts and outcomes will be introduced.



Chief Open Alliance Manager, Sony Corp.
Since early 2003, Satoru Ueda has been engaged in projects to promote and use Linux widely in consumer electronics appliances and IoT devices. Ueda was one of the founders of the CE Linux forum, which was established to enhance the collaborative relationship between the OSS community... Read More →

Thursday July 18, 2019 14:50 - 15:30
Hall B (4) (Floor 4F)
Friday, July 19


Carrier-Grade Container Components in BBU for 5G - Hui Chen, Huawei
Container like docker has been widely used in the cloud computing environment, but for the embedded devices used in the base stations have totally different requeiremnts for the container infrastructure. Huawei has developed its own light container components(as known LCRD in Huawei) for the BBU environment, which could help the customers to quickly deploy businesses, also dynamically allocate the resources between 3/4/5G. LCRD has been used in our 5G products and make them competetive around the world.


Hui Chen

Principle Engineer, Huawei
Dr. Chen is the principle engineer in Huawei RTOS development team. He obtained his Ph.D degree from Gatech and BeiYou University co-cultivation program. He has given several talks at L3C and other community conferences.

Friday July 19, 2019 16:00 - 16:40
Hall B (3) (Floor 4F)


To Improve and Sustain Your Business with Open Source - Yoshiya Eto, Fujitsu Ltd.
Recently, it is necessary to use open source software to create products and services. And it is very difficult to create any differentiation in them especially in platform technologies.

In this session, I will try to describe how I created an advantage and an entry barrier in my business.

avatar for Yoshiya Eto

Yoshiya Eto

Principal Architect, Fujitsu Ltd.
Yoshiya ETO had been leading open source development team for more than 15 years at Fujitsu. He served Linux Foundation board for 10 years and now he is fellow at Linux Foundation.

Friday July 19, 2019 16:50 - 17:30
Hall B (4) (Floor 4F)